Computer Science

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty/
Research Supervisor
Designation Area of Research Email ID Number of
1 Dr. Mohan K.G. Professor and Head Computer Architecture, Low Power design 32
2 Dr. C. Kalaiarasan Associate Dean Computer Network, IoT, Software Engg., 43
3 Dr.T.K.THIVAKARAN Professor Image processing, Data Mining, Cryptography, Wireless sensors analysis. Journals: 18
Conference: 12
4 Dr. Sathish chandra Kulhari Professor Computation of Mathematics 9
5 Dr.Smitha Rao Professor Machine Learning & Deep Learning Journals:10 Conference:9
6 Dr. Mahalakshmi Associate Professor Information Retrieval 7
7 Dr. Alamelu Mangai Associate Professor Machine Learning 16
8 Dr.G.shanmugarathinam Associate Professor Networking , Blockchain technology, IOT ,image processing 12
9 Dr. Shridhar Sanshi Assistant Professor Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Network Conference:3
Journal: 3
10 Dr. V. Ramesh Associate Professor Wireless Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks, Security and Cloud Computing Total Number: 64
Int. Journals: 40
Natl. Journals : 02
Int. Conferences : 12
Natl. Conferences : 07
Book Chapters : 03
11 Dr.S.P. Anandaraj Associate Professor Network, Network Security, Big Data, Machine Learning Conference: 13
12 Dr.J. Andrews Associate Professor Code optimization, Machine learning, Cloud computing Conferences: 10
Journals: 21
13 Dr. Deepak S Sakkari Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Network 7
14 Dr. Arulmurugan Ramu Assistant Professor Image Processing, big data 20
15 Dr.Karthikeyan P Assistant Professor Cloud computing and Machine learning Conferences: 05
Journals: 10
16 Dr.S.Senthilkumar Assistant Professor Networks, Wireless Sensor, Networks, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics 28
17 Dr.Nidhi Mishra Associate Professor NLP,Data Mining,Machine Learning,Artificial Neural Network 38
18 Dr.Blessed Prince Associate Professor Security in computing 15
19 Dr.Pravinth RaJ Assistant Professor Internet of things,Machine Learning,Biometrics-Image Processing Journals:23 Conference:14(I)+4(N)
20 Dr.Nagaraj S R Assistant Professor Computer Networks & Internet of Things 7
21 Dr. Thiruselvan S Assistant Professor Cloud Computing & Data Science 4
22 Dr. A Jayachandran Associate Professor Machine Learning 45
23 Dr.Adithya Kishore Saxena Assistant Professor Machine Learning & Computer Vision 8
24 Dr M. Chandrashekar Assistant Professor Computer Network 4
25 Dr.Geetha Patil Assistant Professor Energy efficient cache memories,real time system mixed criticality systems 9