Sl. No. Name of the Faculty/
Research Supervisor
Designation Area of Research Email ID Number of
1 Dr. Shrishail B. Anadinni Professor Self compacting concrete, Special concrete, Fiber reinforced concrete, Self curing concrete 40
2 Dr. Jagdish Godihal Professor Water and waste water technology, Industrial waste treatment, solid waste management, pollution control in industries, sustainable development, water resources and environmental management, Engineering education / education technology, surface water modelling 25
3 Dr. Nakul Ramanna Associate Professor High Strength Concrete, Special concrete, Finite Element Analysis, Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures, Resilient Infrastructure and Structural Health Monitoring. 18
4 Dr. Chandankeri GG Associate Professor Water resource management, Geology, Hydrogeology, Remote Sensing and GIS, Ground water exploration, Rain water harvesting 6
5 Dr. Mohammed Shahid M.G Assistant Professor Source apportionment, multivariate statistical techniques application to environmental pollution 3
6 Dr. Madhvi T. Assistant Professor Ground Improvement Techniques, Reinforced earth structures, Soil Stabilization 5
7 Dr. Venkatesh Raju Assistant Professor Water and air pollution, riverine ecology, environmental impact assessment 22
8 Dr. Mani Ramakrishnan Adjunct Faculty – Environmental Science Biological & Environmental Science 25