Sl. No. Name of the Faculty/
Research Supervisor
Designation Area of Research Email ID Number of
1 Dr. Anu Sukhdev Associate Professor and Head Kinetics, Catalysis, materials chemistry, environmental studies 24
2 Dr. Dileep.R Associate
Catalysis and Materials Chemistry 29
3 Dr. Amita Somya Associate
Ion exchange and adsorbant materials, Bio fuels, Waste water treatment and desalination, Corrosion Science 15
4 Dr. Shashikala A.R Associate Professor Surface coatings-metal, alloy and composite coatings, thin films, Corrosiion studeis of coatings, Bio Fuels, Materials chemistry 14
5 Dr. Kshama Shetty Assistant
Corrosion studies 4
6 Dr. Sunitha M.S Assistant
Organic Chemistry 10
7 Dr. C. Saravanan Assistant
Functional Organic Materials (Design, synthesis and application of conducting polymers and oligomers, and preparation of biodegradable materials) 17 ; Patents-3
8 Dr. Nikhath Fathima Assistant Professor X-ray crystallography of organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds, Crystal Engineering, co-crystals, Disorder in crystals, Structural chemistry, Crystal growth, Polymorphism, Solid state chemistry, weak interactions. 14
9 Dr.Chaitanya Lakshmi G Assistant Professor Coordination Chemistry, Nano materials 11
10 Dr Ranganatha S Assistant Professor Materials Electrochemistry, Electrochemical Supercapacitors, Nanocomposite coatings for improved corrosion resistance and mechanical properties 20
11 Dr. Anjali K Assistant Professor Solid-state NMR, Ferroelectric
materials, X-ray Crystalography 5
12 Dr. Aparna Roy Assistant Professor Surface functionalization of materials for diversified applications, like wastewater treatment, renewable energy 10; (2 Patents – filed)
13 Dr Gokulakrishnan Assistant Professor Chemistry – Biology, and Chemistry – Mechanical Engineering interface. Graphene based nanomaterials; Separation techniques – Membrane Filtration; Novel Catalytic materials for energy and Environment; Photochemistry; Graphene and 2D nanomaterials; Advanced Oxidation Processes 10 papers; 2 patents
14 Dr. Sumbul Rahman Assistant Professor Nanomaterials and heterogenous catalysis 8
15 Dr. Sunil Kumar K R Assistant Professor Functional materials, liquid crystals, supramolecular chemistry, photochemistry, motor proteins, organic synthesis and peptide chemistry 8