Sl. No. Name of the Faculty/
Research Supervisor
Designation Area of Research Email ID Number of
1 Dr. Udaya Ravi M Professor and HOD Mech Alternate Fuels, IC Engines,Heat Transfer [email protected] Journal – 10; Conference-13
2 Dr C Prabhakar Reddy Professor and Dean -SoE IC Engines, Alternate Fuels, Heat Transfer [email protected]
[email protected]
Journal – 25
3 Dr. C S Ramesh Professor and Dean R & I Thermal Spray Coating, Tribology and Metal Matrix Composites [email protected] Journal-65; Conference-85; Book Chapter -5
4 Dr. Surendra Kumar A M Professor and COE Heat Transfer, Renewable Energy [email protected] Journal – 20
5 Dr. B V Prabhu Professor and Associate Dean -PPP Logistics & Supply Chain Management,
Education Management
[email protected] Journals: 20 ; Conference: 06
6 Dr. Joel Hemanth Associate Dean Materials Sc & Engg [email protected] Journal-127; Conference-200+
7 Dr. Bhaskar Pal Professor Machining, Composite, robotics [email protected] Journal: 10, Conference: 30
8 Dr. Mahesha K Professor Noise and vibration damping, Surface Coating, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis [email protected] Journals: 11; Conference: 05
9 Dr. Rajendrakumar Savanur Professor Design Engineering, Aeroelasticity, Mechanical Vibrations [email protected] Journals: 12 Conference: 15 Technical Reports:5
10 Dr. S. Ramesh Professor Modern Machining Methods, Materials Characterization, Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing [email protected] Conference papers : 39
Journal articles : International : 52
National : 06
11 Dr.Akshay Nanjagud Associate Professor Rigid Body Dynamics, System Dynamics and Control [email protected] Journals: 1, Conference Proceedings: 5
12 Dr.Ramesh S P Associate Professor Energy conservation in green buildings, Automation in buildings, solar energy, I C Engines, System design [email protected] Journals: 06: Conference:03
13 Dr. Ramachandra C G Associate Professor Condition Monitoring, Total Productive Maintenance, Wear Analysis, Lean Manufacturing [email protected] Journals: 84: Conference:85
14 Dr. G. N. Lokesh Associate Professor Hybrid composites and it’s secondary process [email protected] Journals:10 Conferences: 25
15 Dr. Satish Babu B Associate Professor Processing of Metal Matrix Composites, Insitu processing, Wear studies, Characterization, Polymer processing, Solid state diffusion techniques [email protected] Journals:13, Conferences :15
16 Dr. R. Jothi Basu Associate Professor Logistics & Supply Chain Management,
Disaster Relief operations, Cold Chain Management, Operations Management
[email protected] Journals: 04: Conference:04
17 Dr.Sadanand Sarapure Assistant Professor Composite materials, Light weight materails,Tribology and wear, Noise and damping [email protected] Journals: 03: Conference:06
18 Dr. B S Praveen Kumar Assistant Professor composite coatings, vibrations, MMC [email protected] Journals:18 conferences :20
19 Dr Yuvaraja Naik Assistant Professor Materials Sc & Engg [email protected] Journals:03,Conferences :09