Computer Science

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty/
Research Supervisor
Designation Area of Research Email ID Number of
1 Dr. Mohan K.G. Professor and Head Computer Architecture, Low Power design [email protected] 32
2 Dr. C. Kalaiarasan Associate Dean Computer Network, IoT, Software Engg., [email protected] 43
3 Dr.T.K.THIVAKARAN Professor Image processing, Data Mining, Cryptography, Wireless sensors analysis. [email protected] Journals: 18
Conference: 12
4 Dr. Sathish chandra Kulhari Professor Computation of Mathematics [email protected] 9
5 Dr.Smitha Rao Professor Machine Learning & Deep Learning [email protected] Journals:10 Conference:9
6 Dr. Mahalakshmi Associate Professor Information Retrieval [email protected] 7
7 Dr. Alamelu Mangai Associate Professor Machine Learning [email protected] 16
8 Dr.G.shanmugarathinam Associate Professor Networking , Blockchain technology, IOT ,image processing [email protected] 12
9 Dr. Shridhar Sanshi Assistant Professor Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Network [email protected] Conference:3
Journal: 3
10 Dr. V. Ramesh Associate Professor Wireless Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks, Security and Cloud Computing [email protected] Total Number: 64
Int. Journals: 40
Natl. Journals : 02
Int. Conferences : 12
Natl. Conferences : 07
Book Chapters : 03
11 Dr.S.P. Anandaraj Associate Professor Network, Network Security, Big Data, Machine Learning [email protected] Conference: 13
12 Dr.J. Andrews Associate Professor Code optimization, Machine learning, Cloud computing [email protected] Conferences: 10
Journals: 21
13 Dr. Deepak S Sakkari Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Network [email protected] 7
14 Dr. Arulmurugan Ramu Assistant Professor Image Processing, big data [email protected] 20
15 Dr.Karthikeyan P Assistant Professor Cloud computing and Machine learning [email protected] Conferences: 05
Journals: 10
16 Dr.S.Senthilkumar Assistant Professor Networks, Wireless Sensor, Networks, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics [email protected] 28
17 Dr.Nidhi Mishra Associate Professor NLP,Data Mining,Machine Learning,Artificial Neural Network [email protected] 38
18 Dr.Blessed Prince Associate Professor Security in computing [email protected] 15
19 Dr.Pravinth RaJ Assistant Professor Internet of things,Machine Learning,Biometrics-Image Processing [email protected] Journals:23 Conference:14(I)+4(N)
20 Dr.Nagaraj S R Assistant Professor Computer Networks & Internet of Things [email protected] 7
21 Dr. Thiruselvan S Assistant Professor Cloud Computing & Data Science [email protected] 4
22 Dr. A Jayachandran Associate Professor Machine Learning [email protected] 45
23 Dr.Adithya Kishore Saxena Assistant Professor Machine Learning & Computer Vision [email protected] 8
24 Dr M. Chandrashekar Assistant Professor Computer Network [email protected] 4
25 Dr.Geetha Patil Assistant Professor Energy efficient cache memories,real time system mixed criticality systems [email protected] 9