Sl. No. Name of the Faculty/ Research Supervisor Designation Area of Specialization Email ID Number of Publications
1 Dr. Nilanjan Chattopadhyay Professor Information Management, Business Strategy, E-Commerce [email protected] 10
2 Dr. K. Krishna Kumar Professor Financial Markets and Investments [email protected] 6
3 Dr. Swapan Kumar Majumdar Professor Digital Entrepreneurship and Operations Management [email protected] 23
4 Dr. V. Gajapathy Professor FINANCE, RISK MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS [email protected] 18
5 Dr. Bipasha Maity Professor ECONOMICS [email protected] 18
6 Dr. Anitha S. Yadav Professor Financial Management [email protected] 9
7 Dr. Pratika Mishra Associate Professor Marketing [email protected] 30
8 Dr. Chithambar Gupta Associate Professor Marketing [email protected] 6
9 Dr. Jayakrishna Udupa Associate Professor Quantitative Methods, Data Analysis [email protected] 2
10 Dr. Akhila R. Udupa Associate Professor Marketing [email protected] 40
11 Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna Associate Professor HR, OB & Corporate Governance [email protected] 25
12 Dr. Arabinda Bhandari Associate Professor Business Strategy [email protected] 13
13 Dr. Nalin Kumar C. Associate Professor Economics, Development Studies, Public Policy, International Trade [email protected] 13
14 Dr. Pramod Kumar Pandey Associate Professor Finance, GST, Financial Policy [email protected] 22
15 Dr. B. G. Saisha Associate Professor Marketing [email protected] 7
16 Dr. Swapnil Mackasare Associate Professor Human Resource Management [email protected] 13
17 Dr. Srinivasan P Associate Professor Economics and Finance [email protected] 40
18 Dr. Senthil kumar Associate Professor Marketing, HR/OB, General Mangement and Systems [email protected]in 45
19 Dr. Sathis Kumar G Associate Professor Economics and Public Policy [email protected] 20
20 Dr. K. Balanagarajan Assistant Professor HR, OB, Learning & Development, Competency Mapping [email protected] 9
21 Dr. Rosewine Joy Assistant Professor Ecological Economy/ Environmental Economics [email protected] 4
22 Dr. Samiran Jana Assistant Professor Finance [email protected] 7
23 Dr. Sunil M Rashinkar Assistant Professor Accounting [email protected] 27
24 Dr. N Srikanth Reddy Assistant Professor Marketing [email protected] 27