School of Management invites application for Ph.D. program in the following areas:

List of Research Supervisors

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty/ Research Supervisor Designation Area of Specialization Email ID Number of Publications
1 Dr. K. Krishna Kumar Professor and Head Investment and Financial Market [email protected] 6
2 Dr. Swapan Majumdar Professor Operations [email protected] 20
3 Dr. Pratika Mishra Associate Professor Marketing [email protected] 25
4 Dr. Bipasha Maity Associate Professor Micro/Macro Economics [email protected] 18
5 Dr. V Gajapathy Associate Professor Economics/Finance/QT [email protected] 18
6 Dr. Chithambar Gupta Associate Professor Marketing [email protected] 6
7 Dr. Jayakrishna Udupa Associate Professor Statistics [email protected] 2
8 Dr. Akhila R Udupa Associate Professor Marketing [email protected] 40
9 Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna Associate Professor HR & Corporate Governance [email protected] 25
10 Dr. Arabinda Bhandari Assistant Professor Strategic Management [email protected] 13
11 Dr. Rosewine Joy Assistant Professor Ecological Economy/ Environmental Economics [email protected] 4
12 Dr. Nishant Bhimrao Labhane Assistant Professor Finance [email protected] 9
13 Dr.K. Balanagarajan Assistant Professor Competency Mapping L&D [email protected] 5
14 Dr. Samiran Jana Assistant Professor Finance [email protected] 7