Science & Humanities

Presidency University invites applications for Ph.D. program in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Library & Information Sciences and English.

☆ For Science & Humanities and Management Ph.D. program, candidates must be qualified in NET | SLET | SET, as per UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedures for award of M.Phil. | Ph.D. Degrees) Regulations, 2017

List of Research Supervisors

Sl No Name of the research supervisor Designation Area of Research email
1 Dr. M. Sankar Professor Heat Transfer in Nano-fluids [email protected]
2 Dr. S. Marthumanikandan Asso. Professor Fluid Mechanics [email protected]
3 Dr. Shilpa. N Asso. Professor Naveanlinna Theory [email protected]
4 Dr. Ramesh. G. K Asst Professor Boundary Layer Theory [email protected]
5 Dr. K. A. Venkatesh Professor  Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithms, Image Processing and Banking& Finance [email protected]
1 Dr. P.  Mohan Kumar Naidu Asst Professor Nanomaterials [email protected]
2 Dr. Anusha. M Asst Professor Thin films conductors [email protected]
4 Dr. Deephti. P. R Asst Professor Crystal Growth [email protected]
1 Dr. Anu Sukhdev Asst Professor Kinetics, catalysis [email protected]
2 Dr. Dileep. R Asst Professor Bio inspired Catalysis and Catalysis for water [email protected]
3 Dr. Shashanka. R Asst Professor Powder metallurgy, corrosion,  Heat Treatment, Electro Chemical Sensors [email protected]
4 Dr. Jyoti Roy Choudhuri Asst Professor Behaviour of water in contact with air using dispersion interactions


[email protected]



1 Dr. Edwin Jeevaraj Asst Professor Autobiographical Theories [email protected]
2 Dr. Ravikumar. J. G Asst Professor American Literature [email protected]
Library and Information Sciences
1 Dr. Ishwar Bhatt Chief Librarian New academic libraries [email protected]
2 Dr. Sheshadri. K. N Sr. Librarian Library resource sharing [email protected]